What is an Orangery?

Orangeries were first built hundreds of years ago to enhance large affluent homes and gardens. Today Contemporary Orangeries are becoming very popular and are being built using modern materials and designs which create beautiful functional rooms for todays living style.

Contemporary, Traditional and Bespoke orangeries all feature brick-built pillars which blend naturally with the existing property from the outside, and give the feel of a typical room inside.

Things to consider when planning to have an Orangery

Once you’ve decided that you want to add an Orangery to your home there are numerous considerations that we will encourage you to think about during the planning stages

One of the main decisions will be the direction in which your orangery faces. North and east facing sites will benefit from sun earlier in the day but will become cooler as the day passes. South facing or west facing plots will generally receive more light and warmth later into the afternoons and evenings. Give some thought to the direction that you would like your orangery to face so that your we can advise on the most suitable glazing specification.

Think about the main purpose of the new room and it will be used for most. This will help determine the style, size and specification that will work best for you. Square or rectangular designs will usually provide the most usable floor space, as opposed to Victorian designs with more angular walls.

An orangery is a significant investment, but a one that will certainly add value to your home. Orangeries look great and function well for a very long time due to the brick pillar structure. A great addition to the family home, and a one which will provide many years of pleasure and valuable living space.

Why choose Signature Orangeries?

Deciding to invest in your house with a major home improvement is usually a huge decision that requires many hours of research and planning. There will be many decisions to be made along the way before deciding to take the first steps into making your house a better home… But by contacting Signature Orangeries you can feel assured that you have already made one great choice in this process.

We realise that everyone has differing tastes and preferences, thats why all of our products are designed and built exactly how you want them to be. We use a leading building design software system that will work specifically with your space and requirements to create a choice of beautiful orangeries with all of the features you require. Our detailed design ideas will help you make the most inspired and informed decision.


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